About us

Bob Williams, a real game changer in the world of golf, the mastermind behind the well-respected golf blog Golfer Start. His eagle-eyed insights, deep-dive analysis, and undeniable love for the game have seen him rise to prominence as one of the golf community's most reliable voices.

Born and raised in the heart of Dallas, Texas, Bob cut his teeth in golf from a young age, thanks to his golf-loving father. His formative years were spent refining his swing and acing putts on the golf course. By the time he was a teenager, Bob was already making a splash in state-level tournaments and frequently finishing among the top ranks.

With a degree in Business Administration, Bob's professional career initially took him down the corporate avenue, while his passion for golf never faded. Instead, he used his off-the-clock hours to delve deeper into the intricacies of the game, discovering new courses and swapping golf stories with other enthusiasts.

The year 2007 marked a turning point in Bob's golfing journey. He stepped up to the tee and launched his blog, Tee Time with Bob, later rebranded into Golfer Start.

It is a treasure trove for anyone bitten by the golf bug. From strategizing your next swing to choosing the right golf gear, and from profiling rising golf stars to giving blow-by-blow coverage of professional tournaments, Bob covers it all. His posts often include relatable anecdotes from his own golfing escapades, a personal touch that has helped him carve out a niche in the golfing community.

Beyond the blog, Bob has contributed to golf literature with his guidebook, "The Sweet Spot: Mastering the Game of Golf." Released in 2021, this book became a go-to guide for amateur golfers seeking to up their game, further cementing Bob's standing as a leading golfing guru.

These days, Bob calls Austin, Texas, home. He continues to split his time between hitting the links, writing engaging golf content, and hosting local golf workshops and charity events. Whether through his blog, his book, or his commitment to nurturing the golf community, Bob Williams continues to inspire others to take to the fairways and fall in love with the wonderful game of golf, just like he did all those years ago.