How to Hit a Stinger in Golf

By Bob Williams

August 7, 2023

Many amateur golfers worry that the stinger shot is too difficult for them to perfect, but this doesn’t have to be the case! Hitting a stinger can add a great deal of versatility and power to your game. Take some time to learn how you can hit a successful stinger with confidence and accuracy every time.

 In this blog post, we will look at all the fundamentals of what defines a good stinger as well as tips on how you can hit it consistently. With enough dedication and practice, you’ll surprise yourself with your new-found skill in no time!

Understand the Mechanics of a Stinger Shot in Golf

In order to hit a stinger, you must understand the mechanics of what defines this powerful shot. A stinger is defined as a low-trajectory shot that is hit with less backspin than most other shots in golf. This causes the ball to land quickly and roll out more, resulting in greater distance.

To achieve this reduced backspin, it’s important to use a club with less loft such as a 3-wood or hybrid club. It’s also essential to get your setup right in order for success. When setting up for the shot, make sure you have an open stance (you should be facing slightly towards the target) and adjust your feet closer together for added stability.

The Right Club for Hitting Stingers

Many golfers dream of hitting stingers like Tiger Woods, but it is a skill that requires the right equipment and technique. Finding the right club for hitting stingers is crucial, as it can make or break your game. The ideal club is one that offers greater control and precision, allowing you to achieve a low-trajectory shot that travels far and fast.

Additionally, perfecting your swing and stance can make a world of difference. With a club that suits your needs and some practice, you’ll soon be hitting impressive stingers and commanding the golf course like a pro.

Proper Posture and Alignment for Hitting Stingers

As any seasoned golfer knows, hitting a low, piercing shot known as a stinger requires a combination of skill and technique. One key factor in executing this type of shot is proper posture and alignment. Without the correct stance and body positioning, your swing could be off-balance. and your shot might fall short of its intended mark.

To achieve the correct posture for a stinger shot, begin by positioning your ball slightly back in your stance. This will allow you to make contact near the center of the clubface and keep the ball low.

Make sure your shoulders are square to the target, and your feet are shoulder-width apart with your weight evenly distributed. Keep your spine straight and avoid slouching or leaning forward, which can cause you to lose balance and power. With these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to hitting stunning stingers in no time!

Swing Properly for Maximum Distance and Accuracy

Swinging a golf club may seem like a simple task, but proper technique is key to achieving maximum distance and accuracy. The first step is to ensure a comfortable stance that balances weight throughout both feet. Next, keep your grip relaxed and avoid gripping the club too tightly.

As you begin your backswing, use your shoulders and upper body to turn and create energy. As you move into the downswing, shift your weight onto your front foot while simultaneously releasing your wrists to create speed and power. Finally, always follow through with your swing and hold the finish position to maintain balance. By following these steps and practicing regularly, you will be well on your way to achieving a consistent and effective golf swing.

Stay Focused on the Target and Visualize Success on the Golf Course

Finally, it is essential that you stay focused on the target and visualize success when hitting a stinger. Visualization techniques have been used by professional golfers for years, and they are an invaluable tool to help you focus and maintain a positive outlook during your shot.

As you prepare to hit your shot, take some time to close your eyes and picture yourself perfectly executing the swing. Keep your target in mind as you make contact with the ball, envisioning it traveling through the air towards its mark. With enough practice and determination, you will soon be achieving amazing results on the golf course!


While hitting a stinger shot may seem intimidating to begin with, with practice you’ll develop the right technique and gain confidence in your abilities. In addition to understanding the mechanics of this challenging move, you’ll need to locate the right club, adjust your posture properly, and work on perfecting your swing until it feels natural.

As with any golfing skill, it’s important to stay focused on your target, visualize success and not allow frustration to set in when mastering the stinger shot. Ultimately, by following these steps and putting in plenty of practice sessions you can become an expert at this exciting shot!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a stinger shot in golf?

A: A stinger shot is a low-trajectory shot that travels further and faster due to reduced backspin. It requires a combination of skill and technique, as well as the right club for maximum control and precision.

Q: How do I hit a successful stinger every time?

A: To hit a successful stinger every time, it’s important to have an open stance with feet closer together for added stability. Additionally, you’ll need to use the appropriate club for this type of shot (such as a 3-wood or hybrid), perfect your posture and alignment, and visualize success when making contact with the ball. With enough dedication and practice, you’ll be hitting amazing stingers in no time!

Q: What is the best club to use for a stinger shot?

A: The best clubs to use for a stinger shot are usually 3-woods or hybrids, which offer greater control and precision. However, the club that works best for you will depend on your individual swing style and strength. Experiment with different clubs until you find the one that suits you best.

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