Who is the Richest Caddy in Golf?

By Bob Williams

August 3, 2023

Do you know who the richest caddy in golf is? It’s an impressive list full of familiar names, some surprising ones, and a few remarkable stories. Many professional golfers have their own caddies who help them with strategy, advice, and support out on the links.

Caddying can be a lucrative gig for those that are good at what they do—especially if they’re working with top players. From tour veterans to legends-in-the-making—these are five of the wealthiest caddies in golf today!

Introducing the Top 5 Richest Caddies in Professional Golf

When we think about the wealthiest people in the world of professional golf, we immediately think of the players. But did you know that their caddies can also rake in some serious cash?

These unsung heroes of the game are invaluable to their players, providing vital insights and support during tournaments. And with 10% of their players’ winnings as their usual fee, it’s no surprise that some have amassed serious fortunes over the years. Today, we’re introducing you to the top 5 richest caddies in professional golf – prepare to be amazed!

Caddy #1 – David ‘El Tucan’ Ortiz and his Success with Phil Mickelson

David ‘El Tucan’ Ortiz has made a name for himself as caddy #1 in the world of golf. He has had particular success in his partnership with Phil Mickelson, one of the greatest golfers of all time. Ortiz’s incredible knowledge and experience have proven to be the perfect complement to Mickelson’s exceptional talent on the course.

Together, they have won major championships, set course records, and achieved an almost unbeatable level of performance. The dynamic duo has become an unstoppable force and a true inspiration to aspiring golfers everywhere. With ‘El Tucan’ by his side, Phil Mickelson has found the perfect partner in his quest for greatness.

Caddy #2 – Steve Williams and the Tiger Woods Connection

It’s no secret that Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers of all time, but did you know that his former caddy was just as iconic? Steve Williams, Tiger’s longtime caddy, was an integral part of his success on the course for over a decade. Williams was known for his intense dedication to his job and his unwavering loyalty to Woods.

Their partnership was a force to be reckoned with, and together, they won 13 major championships. Despite their professional split in 2011, Williams continued to play a key role in the world of golf and will always be remembered as one of the sport’s greatest caddies.

Caddy #3 – Michael Greller and His Partnership with Jordan Spieth

When it comes to a successful golfer-caddy partnership, Jordan Spieth and Michael Greller are a duo to emulate. Their dynamic has been a key factor in Spieth’s rise to the top of the golf world. Greller, a former math teacher, has been with Spieth since 2011 when he was a teenager and has played an integral role in helping him reach multiple major championship titles. The trust and communication they share on the course is undeniable, with Greller being the calm and collected voice of reason and Spieth trusting his every decision. Their teamwork is a testament to the importance of a strong player-caddy bond and has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the sport.

Caddy #4 – Fanny Sunesson and Her Claim to Fame with Nick Faldo

Fanny Sunesson may not be a household name, but she is well-known in the golfing world for her partnership with legendary golfer Nick Faldo. As his caddy for nine of his six major championships, Sunesson became the first female caddy in history to win a major championship with Faldo in 1990.

Faldo himself acknowledged her contribution to his success, saying, “Fanny was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.” Their teamwork and dedication to the sport became an inspiration for many aspiring golfers around the world. Her success as a caddy is a testament to her skill, and Fanny Sunesson will always be remembered as a pioneer for women in golf.

Caddy #5 – Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay and His Relationship With Phil Mickelson

Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay has been known as the man on Phil Mickelson’s bag for over two decades. The two have formed a unique and thriving partnership on the golf course, with Mackay bringing his skills as a caddy and Mickelson relying on his knowledge and advice.

Together, they have navigated many difficult courses and earned numerous victories, including five major championships. Beyond their professional success, their bond extends to a deep friendship that has only grown stronger over time. It’s clear that ‘Bones’ is more than just a caddy to Mickelson – he’s an integral part of his team and a trusted confidant.


We now know the pinnacle of success when it comes to professional golf caddies: five men and one woman who have achieved this status through hard work, dedication, and being part of immensely talented players.

Despite having a tense relationship at times with their respective employer, these caddies continue to contribute greatly to the events and dominance of their players–such as David ‘El Tucan’ Ortiz with Phil Mickelson, Steve Williams with Tiger Woods, Michael Greller with Jordan Spieth, Fanny Sunesson with Nick Faldo and Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay again with Phil Mickelson.

It’s comforting to know that even though golf is always volatile – so many variables drive success – these individuals have found ways to contribute at a level they can be proud of in an important career within golf. And maybe down the line, another caddy will challenge them for top spot!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What percentage of a professional golfer’s winnings do their caddies usually receive?

A: The usual fee for a caddy is 10% of the player’s winnings.

Q: Who is the all-time best caddy in golf?

A: It’s hard to definitively say who the all-time best caddy in golf is, as each one brings unique skills and expertise to their players. However, some of the most successful partnerships include David ‘El Tucan’ Ortiz and Phil Mickelson, Steve Williams, and Tiger Woods, Michael Greller and Jordan Spieth, Fanny Sunesson and Nick Faldo, and Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay with Phil Mickelson.

Q: What makes a great caddy?

A: A great caddy should be able to provide valuable advice on strategy, read greens accurately, remain calm under pressure, and be a great motivator. They should also have a good working relationship with their player, as trust and communication are key to success on the course. Additionally, being organized and reliable is essential for any caddy seeking long-term success in golf.

Q: How do you become a professional caddy?

A: Becoming a professional caddy requires knowledge of the sport and its rules, as well as experience on the green. It’s helpful to start out at local courses before applying to work at larger events. Many caddies begin by carrying bags for other players before going pro. Caddying can also be a great learning experience. Additional qualifications such as certification, first aid training, and CPR are also beneficial. With a combination of hard work, dedication and luck, anyone can become a successful caddy in the golf world.

Q: What is the average salary for a professional caddy?

A: The average salary for a professional caddy varies widely depending on their experience level and the level of play they are working at. Caddies typically receive 10% of their players’ winnings but may also be offered additional bonuses or incentives. That said, the highest-earning caddies often receive significantly more than this percentage due to their expertise and success with particular players. Generally speaking, it’s safe to say that the top caddies in golf can make upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year!

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