How to Align a Golf Cart

By Bob Williams

August 7, 2023

Did you know that properly aligning a golf cart can help increase your drives? It can also reduce discomfort on the course and improve safety for all passengers. Aligning a golf cart is not difficult, but it requires some time and attention to detail to get it right.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how to properly align a golf cart so you can make sure your game is running at peak performance. Whether you’re an amateur or pro player, proper alignment of your vehicle could mean the difference between finishing first or last!

Understand the importance of proper alignment in a golf cart

Proper alignment is critical when it comes to operating a golf cart safely and efficiently. A poorly aligned golf cart can cause discomfort and back pain and reduce life expectancy. When the wheels are not aligned correctly, they start dragging against the ground, which makes it challenging for the golf cart to move forward.

Moreover, misaligned wheels can lead to uneven tire wear, eliminating traction and worsening control. It is essential to ensure that your golf cart maintains proper alignment to keep it running smoothly and enjoy a safe, comfortable ride. By checking the alignment regularly, you can detect any issues early enough and prevent them from leading to extensive damage.

Check your golf cart’s tires for wear and tear before beginning

Before hitting the green and cruising around in your golf cart, it’s important to check the tires for wear and tear. Not only does it ensure a smoother ride, but it’s also crucial for safety reasons. Over time, the constant grinding and everyday driving can cause tires to wear down, potentially leading to flats or blown-out tires.

Taking a few moments to inspect your golf cart’s tires can make all the difference in preventing a risky situation. Keep yourself and others on the course safe by checking the tires and making sure they’re in top-notch condition before starting your game.

Measure the toe-in and camber angles golf cart tires accurately with a laser level

Once you’ve checked the tires for wear and tear, it’s time to measure your golf cart’s toe-in and camber angles. This is done by using a laser level to ensure accuracy.

Laser levels are vital when aligning any vehicle, as they provide precise measurements that can’t be achieved with the naked eye. The laser level should be placed directly in front of the vehicle and then angled towards each tire. Once this has been done, it will be possible to calculate each wheel’s camber angle and toe-in angle. The alignment settings may differ depending on your make/model; refer to your owner’s manual for exact details.A

Adjust the tie rods according to manufacturer’s specifications of your golf cart

Once the exact camber and toe-in angles are measured, it’s time to adjust the tie rods accordingly. If your golf cart has adjustable tie rods, loosen them and turn to the desired angle before re-tightening them securely.

If not, then you’ll need to purchase new ones that match the manufacturer’s specs for your specific make and model of the golf cart. It may be helpful to do some research online or reach out to a local shop for more information about what type of tie rods will work best with your vehicle.

Make sure all nuts and bolts are tight and secure after golf cart tire alignment is complete

Once the tie rods are in place, it’s time to check that all nuts and bolts are tight and secure. This is done with a torque wrench, which will help ensure accurate pressure for each nut or bolt. Again, if you don’t have one of these tools at home, your local auto shop should be able to help you out. After double-checking that all nuts and bolts are secure, it is now time to take your golf cart out on the green and enjoy its improved drive!


The alignment of a golf cart is a surprisingly complex process. To complete it correctly, you need to understand its importance as well as gather the right tools and supplies.

From checking the tires for wear and tear to ensuring proper toe-in and camber angles using a laser level, this procedure can be time-consuming but must be done in order to secure the best performance from your golf cart. When your alignment is complete, make sure all of the nuts and bolts are securely fastened according to the manufacturer’s specifications for maximum safety and longevity.

If you’re still unsure how to properly align your golf cart or don’t have access to the correct tools, plenty of professionals can help you out or answer any questions you may have about what needs to be done. Properly aligned carts bring better driving performance, saving you money in the long run!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I check the alignment of my golf cart?

A: It is recommended to check your golf cart’s alignment every 6 months or after driving it for a total of 1,000 miles. This will ensure that everything is in good working condition and you can drive safely and comfortably on the course.

Q: What type of tools do I need to align my golf cart?

A: You will need a laser level and torque wrench to properly align your golf car. You may also want to have a set of adjustable tie rods in case your current ones are not adjustable. These tools are necessary for measuring angles accurately and ensuring all nuts and bolts are tightened securely.

Q: Can I do the alignment myself?

A: With the right tools and knowledge, aligning your golf cart on your own is possible. However, if you are not confident in doing so or don’t understand the process, plenty of professionals can help you. They can provide expert advice and assistance to ensure the job is done safely and correctly.

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