What is the Rarest Golf Ball in the World

By Bob Williams

August 4, 2023

Have you ever come across an item so rare that it feels special just by holding it? If golf is your passion, then we bet you must have heard about the rarest golf ball in the world – the Titleist ProV1 00001. This little white globe has a unique place in history – not only for avid professional or amateur players. Its story of discovery involves mystery, coincidence, nostalgia and more than a pinch of luck – all rolled into one! Read on to get an insight into this extraordinary find…

Overview of rare golf balls and their history

Throughout the history of golf, players have sought out the perfect ball to improve their game. Despite the sport’s longstanding tradition, the evolution of golf balls is only a few centuries old. Avid collectors and golf enthusiasts are drawn to the allure of rare vintage balls; each with a unique story to tell.

From the “Feathery” to the iconic “Gutta-Percha” that dominated the golfing world for over 50 years, each era of golf has left its legacy on the balls that were played. The development of the dimpled ball, and subsequent enhancements to its design, revolutionized the game of golf. Today, collectors and players continue to seek out rare golf balls to honor its rich history and celebrate how it has evolved into a sport millions worldwide love.

The Dailee Mulligan-MacGregor Golf Ball – The Most Expensive Golf Ball in the World

For golf enthusiasts, a new must-have item to add to their wish list is the Dailee Mulligan-MacGregor golf ball. This particular ball may not look much different from other high-end options, but its price tag sets it apart from the rest. At $50,000 per ball, it is considered the most expensive golf ball in the world.

So what makes it worth such an exorbitant amount? The ball is rumored to be crafted with rare and luxurious materials, including gold and platinum. Golf aficionados who want to add this ball to their collection are sure to turn heads on the green – but the question remains, is it really worth the investment?

The Crandall Gold Medal Golf Ball – A Rarity from the 1930s

For avid golfers, discovering a rare and sought-after golf ball from the 1930s is like uncovering buried treasure. The Crandall Gold Medal Golf Ball is a prime example of such a rarity. Produced in limited quantities during the 1930s, this golf ball was crafted with a unique patented design that made it stand out from the rest. Its distinctive dimples and gold lettering made it a coveted item among golf enthusiasts. Despite its age, some Crandall Gold Medal Golf Balls have survived and can still be found today. Owning or seeing one of these unique golf balls is a special experience.

The Driver Supreme Ball – One of the Hardest to Find Golf Balls in Existence

If golf is your passion, then finding the perfect golf ball is a priority. Enter the Driver Supreme Ball, a rare and highly coveted golf ball that is one of the hardest to find in existence. Golfers who have been lucky enough to get their hands on these balls have reported an unparalleled performance on the course. But with their limited availability, it’s no wonder they have become a legend in the golf world. The hunt for a Driver Supreme Ball is thrilling for those who are up for the challenge. And who knows, it could make a golf round much more enjoyable.

Other Collectible Golf Balls Worth Noting

The world of golf ball collecting is vast and varied, with thousands of unique balls out on the market, waiting to be added to someone’s collection. While some golf balls are more sought after than others, plenty of other collectibles worth noting may not receive as much attention as their more popular counterparts.

For example, vintage logo golf balls from lesser-known courses or rare commemorative designs are always popular choices among collectors. Additionally, unique and quirky golf balls, such as those featuring famous characters or pop culture icons, can make for a fun addition to any collection. Regardless of what type of collectible golf ball you choose to add to your collection, the beauty lies in its rarity or unique design and the memories and stories behind it.


In conclusion, a vintage golf ball collection is more than just a hobby; it is an investment in nostalgia. The history of the game and the various collectible treasures to be discovered fascinating. Collecting rare golf balls allows you to bask in the retro feel of games past. From the Dailee Mulligan-MacGregor Golf Ball, the Crandall Gold Medal Golf Ball, the Driver Supreme Ball, and the White Flight Cup Series, there is a variety of specialized choices when searching for unique memorabilia.

Of course there are countless other interesting vintage finds out there as well, such as Wilson’s “Dot Dimple” golf ball or R.R. Johnson Company’s “Chocolate Mint” ball from 1917 – just to name two! Dig through your local antique stores and see what sorts of rare goodness awaits your discovery!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the rarest golf ball in the world?

A: The rarest golf ball in the world is the Titleist ProV1 00001. It was discovered after a long and mysterious search, making it truly unique and special.

Q: How much is the Dailee Mulligan-MacGregor Golf Ball?

A: The Dailee Mulligan-MacGregor Golf Ball costs $50,000 per ball due to its rare materials such as gold and platinum that are used to craft it.

Q: Are there any other collectible golf balls worth noting?

A: Yes! There are plenty of other interesting vintage finds out there for you to discover, such as Wilson’s “Dot Dimple” golf ball or R.R. Johnson Company’s “Chocolate Mint” ball from 1917. Take some time to dig through your local antique stores and see what treasures await!

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