Where to Donate Golf Clubs

By Bob Williams

August 4, 2023

Do you have a set of golf clubs that’s no longer getting used? If so, you’re not alone. Many golfers upgrade their equipment regularly and find themselves with extra clubs in their garages or storage space. But instead of leaving them to gather dust, why not give an old set of gear new life by donating it to those in need?

Donating your once-loved golf equipment is a great way to help others take up the game and make room for any newer sets that may be on your wishlist! In this blog post, we’ll explore all the ways one can donate their unwanted golf clubs and the positive impact such gifting can have.

So whether you’ve got a full bag or just drives gathering cobwebs, keep reading to learn how donating your excess clubs could truly make someone’s day!

Research local golf courses and golf clubs in your area

For avid golfers, finding the perfect set of clubs can be a thrilling experience. But as our skills improve and we upgrade our equipment, what do we do with the old clubs that have been faithfully by our side during countless rounds?

One solution is to donate them to local golf courses and clubs in our area. Not only does this allow others to benefit from gently used equipment, but it also contributes to the sustainability of the sport we love. So why not give your clubs a second life and help support the golf community in your local area?

Check with your local Boys & Girls Clubs or YMCA

Did you know that you can make a difference in a child’s life by donating your old golf clubs? Many local Boys & Girls Clubs and YMCA programs accept donations of gently used golf clubs to use in their youth programs. By giving your clubs a new life, you’re giving kids the chance to learn and develop important skills through the game of golf.

Not only are you helping to promote physical activity and healthy habits, but you’re also giving back to your community. So, why not check with your local clubs or YMCA and see if they accept donations? Your old clubs could make a big difference in a child’s life.

Consider donating to a charitable organization

Looking to make a difference in the lives of young people while also decluttering your closet? Consider donating to The First Tee, a charitable organization that focuses on promoting golf initiatives for children.

Not only do they accept donations of gently used or new golf equipment, but they also utilize those donations to help teach valuable life skills – like perseverance, responsibility, and healthy habits – through the game of golf.

By contributing to The First Tee, you could be giving a child the tools they need to succeed both on and off the course.

Look into donating to a church or religious organization

Golf lovers who also have a heart for supporting religious organizations might want to consider donating to a church that runs a Par 3 Golf Course or has an active golf ministry.

Aside from enjoying their favorite sport, they can also help advance the programs and initiatives of their chosen religious group. Such donations can go a long way in funding community outreach programs, hosting charity events, and strengthening the faith of those who regularly attend the organization’s services.

Moreover, being part of a golf-loving community that shares the same beliefs can foster a sense of camaraderie and connection among individuals with a shared passion for golf and their faith.

Reach out to veterans’ organizations

Many veterans struggle with adjusting to civilian life after serving their country. For some, finding a new hobby can make all the difference. That’s where organizations like the National Veteran Golfers Association come in. This non-profit group is dedicated to introducing veterans to the world of golf, offering them an opportunity to learn a new skill while building a sense of community with fellow veterans.

You can help support this cause by donating your old golf clubs to the NVGA. It’s a small gesture that can greatly impact the lives of those who have served our country.

So, if you have a set of clubs sitting in your garage gathering dust, consider reaching out to this worthy organization and making a donation. You’ll be providing veterans with a chance to find joy and purpose in a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Consider donating your old clubs directly to a person in need

As golf season approaches, many golfers may be thinking of upgrading their equipment. Instead of simply tossing out their old clubs, they can consider donating them to a person in need.

It may not seem like much, but a donated club can open the door to a new hobby or provide a source of exercise for someone who may not otherwise have had the opportunity. If you’re interested in donating, contact your local Salvation Army or Goodwill for more information on their donation programs. Giving back can be a rewarding experience, and donating a set of clubs is a great way to support your community.


Giving back in the form of donated golf clubs can make a huge difference in someone’s life. From those just learning to golf to veterans, children, and communities around the world, contributions of gently used clubs can help bring joy and enjoyment to many who would otherwise not have access to the game.

Through research into local programs such as golf courses, Boys & Girls Clubs or YMCAs, churches and religious organizations, veterans’ organizations and more, donating golf clubs is just one simple way you can make an impact in the lives of others. By taking this small action today you can create hope for tomorrow in many forms – from introducing new generations to the sport they love to creating resources for active military members to connect through the game – all while knowing your donation was put to good use!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I donate my golf clubs?

A: You can donate your golf clubs to local golf courses and clubs, Boys & Girls Clubs or YMCAs, churches and religious organizations that have an active golf ministry, veterans’ organizations such as the National Veteran Golfers Association, and charitable organizations like The First Tee. You can also contact your local Salvation Army or Goodwill for more information on their donation programs.

Q: What benefits are there to donating my old golf clubs?

A: By donating your old set of golf clubs, you are giving someone else a chance to enjoy the sport you love while also supporting sustainable practices in the game. Additionally, you may be able to help promote physical activity and healthy habits in children, as well as provide resources for active military members to connect through the game. Ultimately, donating to your clubs is a great way to give back to the community while also decluttering your closet.

Q: What do I need to do before donating my golf clubs?

A: Before donating your clubs, ensure they are in good condition and ready for use. Wipe them down with a damp cloth and scrub away any dirt or debris that has built up over time. You may also want to check if your donation will be tax deductible; some charitable organizations offer such incentives for those who donate their equipment. Finally, ensure you have all the necessary paperwork or receipts for donations where applicable.

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