Why Oversize Golf Grips Improve Your Game

By Bob Williams

August 3, 2023

Have you ever felt like your golf game was missing something? Like you’ve tried everything and yet you still can’t seem to break through the score plateau? You may have overlooked a key piece of equipment: the grip on your golf clubs. An often undervalued but technically important part, changing your club grips can do much more than just make them look better – it could help improve every aspect of your game. Oversize Golf Grips provide ample opportunity for improvement, so today we will dive into why this surprising answer to bettering your swing is worth considering.

Understanding the Basics of Oversized Golf Grips

Golf enthusiasts constantly strive to improve their game, exploring various equipment options that can help them achieve that perfect swing. One such option is the oversized golf grip, which has steadily gained popularity over the years.

With a larger circumference than the traditional grip, oversized grips offer a more comfortable hold and help reduce the tension in a player’s hands. They also have a greater shock absorption capacity, enabling players to hit a shot with less strain on the hands and wrists. Though oversized grips may not be suitable for every player, understanding their basics can help golfers make an informed decision and potentially improve their performance on the course.

How Oversize Grips Allow You to Make More Consistent Swings

If you’re struggling to make consistent swings on the golf course, oversized grips may be your solution. These grips are designed to be thicker in diameter than standard golf grips, providing a larger surface area for your hands to grip onto. This can lead to less tension in your grip and more control over your swing.

Oversize grips can also help golfers with arthritis or hand injuries by reducing the strain on their joints. Switching to oversize grips can make a noticeable difference in your swing and help you achieve greater consistency on the course.

Pros and Cons of Oversize Grips and How to Choose the Right Size for You

Are you tired of dealing with hand fatigue during your golf game? Oversize grips might be the solution for you. These grips can provide more cushion and reduce stress on your hands, especially if you have arthritis or any other hand condition. However, there are also some downsides to having oversize grips. They might decrease your control and accuracy, and they may also affect your swing tempo.

So how do you choose the right size for you? It’s essential to take into consideration the size of your hands, grip pressure, and playing style. It’s recommended to test out different sizes and shapes before making a final decision. Finding the perfect fit can enhance your performance and enjoy a more comfortable golf game.

Do Oversize Grips Help Reduce Wrist Pain or Injury

Wrist pain or injury can be a real challenge for golfers at any level. Many potential solutions are on the market, but have you considered oversize grips? These larger grips may be the answer to your wrist-related woes. By providing a wider surface area for your hands to grip, oversize grips can help distribute the force of each shot more evenly across your hands and forearms, reducing strain on your wrists. Of course, like any golf equipment, the only way to know for certain if oversized grips will work for you is to try them. But they may be worth considering if you’re struggling with wrist pain or injury.

Installing an Oversize Grip – Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to add extra comfort and customization to your golf club, installing an oversized grip may be just the thing. But where to start? Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide. First, gather the necessary materials, including the oversize grip, solvent, grip tape, and a vice. Next, remove the old grip and clean the club handle thoroughly.

Then, apply the solvent to the tape and the inside of the grip, slide the grip onto the club, and secure it with a vice. Make sure to let it dry before using it. With just a few simple steps, you’ll have a comfortable and tailored club to your specific needs.

Tips to Improve Your Game with an Oversize Grip

Grip size is critical in determining your performance and comfort when playing sports that require a constant grip on the equipment. In recent years, oversize grips have gained popularity in the world of tennis and golf. With a larger circumference than traditional grips, oversize grips offer numerous advantages, including better control, less tension in your arm muscles, and reduced stress on your elbow and wrist joints. However, simply having an oversize grip on your racquet or club is not enough to improve your game. It’s essential to follow some tips to reap the maximum benefits. So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player looking to improve your performance, read on to learn some crucial tips to improve your game with an oversize grip.


To conclude, oversized golf grips can provide many benefits to your game. They allow you to make more consistent swings with improved accuracy, help reduce wrist pain and injury, and provide an easier grip for better control. With the step-by-step instructions provided, you should be able to install the new grip yourself quickly and safely.

Once you have your new oversized grip installed, a few tips will help you take full advantage of it to improve your game. Spend some time hitting some practice shots focusing on different ways you can use the extra size and weight of the grip to improve club control and accuracy. With enough practice, you’ll be ready to feel the full benefit of using an oversized grip in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the benefits of an oversize golf grip?

A1. Oversize golf grips provide more cushion and reduce strain on the hands. They also help distribute force evenly across your hands and forearms, reducing stress on your wrists. Additionally, they allow for greater accuracy and control when swinging a club.

Q2. How do I choose the right size oversize for me?

A2. It’s important to consider the size of your hands, grip pressure, and playing style when selecting an oversize grip for yourself. It’s recommended to test out different sizes and shapes before making a final decision in order to find the perfect fit that will enhance your performance and provide maximum comfort during your game.

Q3. Do I need to use solvent when installing an oversize grip?

A3. Yes, you will need to use a solvent to help secure the grip onto your club before using it. The solvent should be applied on both the tape and inside of the grip in order for it to properly bind with your club handle and provide maximum comfort during your swing.

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