How to Stop Lifting Up in Golf Downswing

By Bob Williams

August 6, 2023

If you’re a golfer, then you know how frustrating it can be to step up to the tee with hopes of executing a perfect downswing, only for your club head to lift right up off the ground and send that ball careening in an unintended direction.

From slicing off into nearby woods or even hitting behind yourself, the lifting up feeling is one that many golfers familiarize themselves with far too often. Fortunately, there are methods available to help break this unwanted habit and get your game back on track!

In this blog post, we’ll cover some simple steps golfers can take both during their practice sessions as well as before and during their swings on the course. Keep reading if you’re looking for ways to stop lifting up in your golf downswing!

Understand the cause of lifting up in your golf downswing

As any golfer can attest, the downswing is crucial to a successful shot. However, there are times when golfers experience an unexplainable lifting up sensation during the downswing that can throw off their accuracy. This can leave even the most seasoned of golfers scratching their heads.

Understanding the cause of this lifting up sensation is key to improving your swing and, ultimately, your game. By identifying the root cause of this issue, you can work on addressing it and achieving a more fluid, consistent downswing. So, what exactly causes this lifting up sensation and how can you fix it? Let’s dive in and find out.

Practice drills to help you achieve a proper weight shift

Weight shift is crucial for a proper golf swing but can be challenging to master. Practice drills can help you achieve the correct weight transfer and improve your swing. One such drill involves placing a golf ball under your front foot and practicing hitting the ball. This forces you to shift your weight onto your back foot during the backswing and then onto your front foot during the downswing.

Another drill is the “step-through” drill, where you start with most of your weight on your lead foot and then step through with your back foot during the downswing. These drills help improve timing and balance in your swing, which can lead to more power and accuracy on the course. With consistent practice, you can perfect your weight shift and ultimately improve your golf game.

Create proper alignment at setup to ensure you stay grounded throughout the swing

It’s important to maintain proper alignment and positioning throughout your golf game to ensure you hit a great shot. Beginning with your setup, proper alignment is key in staying grounded throughout your swing. When you’re properly aligned, your swing is more consistent, and you’re able to generate more power with less effort.

By creating a strong foundation for your swing through your setup and alignment, you’ll find that your shots become more accurate, and your overall game improves. A solid setup and alignment can be the difference between an average shot and a great one, so take the time to get it right!

Make sure your arms and body are in sync during the backswing and downswing

In order to achieve a consistent and effective golf swing, it’s crucial that your arms and body work in harmony. This means syncing the movement of your arms with the rotation of your torso throughout both the backswing and downswing. When you achieve this harmony, you’ll notice a smoother and more powerful swing that results in shots that go further and straighter.

One helpful tip is to keep your elbows close to your body during the backswing, which can help prevent unwanted twists or turns. By practicing this synchronization, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the perfect golf swing.

Focus on hitting through the ball instead of lifting up or away from it

When perfecting your golf swing, it’s important to focus on hitting through the ball instead of lifting up or away from it. While it may be tempting to use an upward motion to get more height and distance, this often results in sacrificing accuracy and consistency. By keeping your eye on the ball and driving through it with a smooth, controlled motion, you’ll be able to achieve better results on the course. So next time you’re out on the links, try to remember this advice and see how it improves your game.

Utilize visualization techniques to help with relaxation and control during the swing

Golf can be simultaneously exhilarating and stressful. However, one way to combat those nerves is to use visualization techniques. By mentally picturing your perfect swing, your body is more likely to follow suit. Visualization can also help you stay relaxed, as you’ll have a familiar roadmap to guide your swing.

As you picture the ball soaring down the fairway, your body will know just what to do to make that image a reality. So next time you’re on the greens, take a deep breath and visualize your way to a successful swing.


Understanding the cause of lifting up in your golf downswing is essential for improving your golf game. With the right practice drills and proper alignment setup, you can ensure that you maintain your balance throughout the swing. Also, ensuring that your body and arms are in sync during the backswing and downswing can make a huge difference. Lastly, focusing on hitting through the ball instead of lifting up or away from it is important to master the art of driving. Visualization techniques can also be used to stay relaxed and focused during each swing. With a little bit of determination and practice, your golf game will improve drastically!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the main cause of lifting up in a golf downswing?

A: There are several causes for lifting up during a golf downswing, but the most common one is an improper weight shift. When your weight isn’t shifting properly, it can result in an unwanted lifting up sensation.

Q: How do I improve my weight shift?

A: Practicing drills that focus on weight shift can help you achieve a more natural and consistent swing. Try practicing with a golf ball placed under your front foot or doing the step-through drill to get started.

Q: How important is proper alignment during the setup?

A: Proper alignment at setup is essential for maintaining balance throughout your swing. By creating a strong foundation for your swing during setup, you’ll be able to achieve more power and accuracy when you step up to the tee.

Q: How can visualization help my golf game?

A: Visualization techniques can help relax your body and mind while giving you a mental roadmap to follow during each shot. By picturing what a successful shot would look like, your body will be more likely to mimic those movements on the course.

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