Uncovering the Legacy of Which President Played the Most Golf

By Bob Williams

August 6, 2023

If you’ve ever wondered which president was the most avid golfer during their tenure, you’re not alone! Many people are fascinated by the amount of time (and money) presidents have devoted to this beloved sport over the years. From Dwight D. Eisenhower and his political golf rallies, to Donald Trump’s regular weekend getaways on one of his many courses scattered across America, the presidential love affair with a game of golf is undeniable.

In this blog post, we will explore which president played the most rounds throughout history as well as dive deeper into figuring out just why it was so important for them to make time for such leisurely entertainment while in office. Let us begin our investigation.

Introducing the Presidents and Their Proclivity to Play Golf

The game of golf has become synonymous with American presidents throughout history.

From Dwight D. Eisenhower to Barack Obama, presidents have been seen hitting the links during their time in office. Golf offers a chance for these men to unwind and bond with colleagues, while also providing a chance for exercise and fresh air.

While some presidents, like John F. Kennedy, were praised for their skill and love of the game, others, like George W. Bush, were criticized for the amount of time they spent on the course. Regardless of public opinion, it seems that golf will continue to be a favorite pastime of those occupying the Oval Office.

A Look at President Barack Obama’s Record of Playing Golf

President Barack Obama, like many of his predecessors, enjoyed playing golf during his time in office.

Over the course of his presidency, Obama played 333 rounds of golf. While some criticized his frequent golf outings, others saw it as a way for him to decompress and relieve stress.

Obama even took advantage of the sport as a way to build relationships, often using his rounds of golf to connect with world leaders and congressional colleagues. Despite the controversy surrounding his golfing habits, it’s clear that Obama found the sport to be a valuable part of his life in the White House.

Examining the Legacy of President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Golfing Habits

President Dwight D. Eisenhower was known for many things during his presidency, but one of the most fascinating aspects of his life was his love for golf. While some may view golfing as a leisurely activity, Eisenhower took it seriously, often using it as a way to escape the pressures of the presidency and engage in diplomacy with foreign leaders.

His golfing habits not only earned him a reputation as a skilled player, but they also left a lasting legacy.

From the creation of a presidential putting green to inspiring future presidents to pick up the sport, Eisenhower’s love for golf has had a lasting impact on American history.

Analyzing President George W. Bush’s Legacy as a Golfer

President George W. Bush is known for his love of golf and was often seen hitting the links during his time in the White House. But looking beyond his passion for the sport, Bush’s legacy as a golfer is worth analyzing.

Not only did he help raise the profile of golf in America during his presidency, but he also utilized the game as a diplomatic tool, often inviting world leaders to join him on the course for informal meetings. Bush’s commitment to growing the game and his ability to use it as a means of fostering international relations has left a lasting impact on the sport of golf.

Taking a Look at President Donald J. Trump’s Longstanding Relationship With Golf

Throughout his life, President Donald J. Trump has maintained a passion for golf, and it’s no secret that the sport has played a significant role in his presidency.

From hosting famous golfers at his resorts to having golf outings with foreign leaders, Trump has drawn criticism and praise alike for his love of the game. But his relationship with golf stretches back much further than his time in office.

In fact, he’s been playing since he was a child, and it’s clear that the sport has continued to bring him joy and relaxation throughout his life. Whether you agree with his policies or not, one thing is for sure – golf has always been a prominent part of President Trump’s identity, and it’s unlikely that will change anytime soon.

Considering Other U.S Presidents Who Played Frequently or Occasionally

Throughout American history, several U.S presidents have demonstrated a love for sports and physical activity. From George Washington’s passion for horseback riding to Theodore Roosevelt’s love for boxing, these leaders have shown that athletics can play a significant role in their lives. However, some presidents took it a step further and played sports more frequently or occasionally.

For instance, Dwight D. Eisenhower enjoyed golf and even made it a part of his daily routine while in office. Similarly, Barack Obama was known to play basketball regularly and even had a court installed in the White House. It is fascinating to see how these men used sports as a means of relaxation and stress relief during their time as the leader of the free world.


It is apparent from the research and analysis that the presidents of the United States have had a long-standing relationship with golf. Perhaps no president exemplifies this connection better than Dwight D. Eisenhower, who played an average of 300 rounds per year during his time in office.

His example shows that even with all of the stressors that presidents face on a day to day basis, they are still able to make time for activities like golfing. It is also notable that some more recent presidents, such as Barack Obama and Donald J. Trump have also made use of golf’s recreational benefits while in office—not just on their free holidays but on workdays as well, utilizing it as an occasion to build relationships with foreign dignitaries or conduct important business discussions away from the chaotic environment of Washington.

Although other presidents, such as Grover Cleveland and Gerald Ford found little pleasure in the game, today’s chief executives continue to show us how much they enjoy golfing on a regular basis—whether it’s for entertainment or diplomatic reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What president played the most golf?

A: Dwight D. Eisenhower is widely considered to be the President who played the most golf while in office, with an average of 300 rounds per year.

Q: Is it appropriate for presidents to play golf?

A: It is perfectly acceptable for Presidents to take time away from their demanding schedules to enjoy leisure activities like golfing. In fact, many presidents have used golf as a way to relax and build relationships with colleagues and foreign leaders.

Q: Why do presidents play golf?

A: Presidents often use golf as a means of relaxing and decompressing from their stressful jobs. Additionally, some presidents have utilized the game as a diplomatic tool, often inviting world leaders to play with them on the course.

Q: Does Donald Trump still play golf?

A: Yes, President Donald J. Trump continues to be an avid golfer. He has been playing since he was a child and regularly plays rounds at some of his renowned courses scattered across America.

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